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Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Carpet

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Carpets give your home a warm look and a cozy feel, it’s true, but they’re the easiest to get dirty. The term ‘sweep under the rug’ is characteristic of how frequently carpets (and what’s under them, for that matter) need maintenance and cleaning. 

Dusting your carpets every once in a while and cleaning them with carpet brushes is imperative to keep your home free of dust. But there are only so many times you can clean your carpets before you finally have to allow them to give way to new ones. 

The quality, styles, and prices of discount flooring in Mesa and other Arizona cities are too good to pass up. So, when do you think it’s time to check out options for new flooring in Arizona?

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Carpet

Let’s talk about when it may be time to get new carpeting at your home. Is it when your carpets start looking old and worn? Or when they stop feeling soft? There are a bunch of criteria to look at, so let us help you through it.

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When the Stains Become too Stubborn

Sending your carpet to the drycleaners every once in a while is very well until the stains refuse to budge even after thorough professional cleaning. This includes stains from ink, blood (maybe your child injured themself while playing), red wine, and more. 

This is the clearest possible sign that your carpet needs replacing. Consider dropping into the offices of a top flooring company in Arizona when you find strange and stubborn carpet stains.

When Your Allergies Start Acting up more than Usual

Carpets absorb all kinds of allergens, especially dust, mites, pollen, and any other particles that may somehow find their way into your home. You may notice sneezing and sniffling when walking the corridor of your home – this may be because of the stuff that your carpet has absorbed. Then you know it’s time to renovate, starting with your carpets.

When they’re Quite Literally Tearing All-Around

Carpets can withstand a lot, considering that people walk on them daily. But you know it’s time to get new flooring when they are quite literally tearing, maybe because they’re so old, or perhaps you have a relentless dog that thought it was a toy. 

Additionally, the bottom padding of a carpet may also undergo some wear and tear. But, again, we suggest you consistently check this because it often goes unnoticed.

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When they Begin to Spout Unrelenting Smells

When left without maintenance for a while, all spongey, cloth-like things can develop a musty smell. This results from moisture stuck in the object or if any liquid is dropped on the carpet and cannot be adequately cleaned. 

Smelly carpets result in a smelly house, which can have the opposite effect that carpets are meant to have.

When You Need a Change in Style

Visiting an Arizona flooring company may be what you need when (even if all of the above don’t apply) you’re merely looking for a change. Revamping your home is most definitely a great reason to change your carpets. A new look for your home can mean a new outlook on life for you, so we say go for it!

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