2023 Most Popular Flooring Colors, Styles

Flooring Choices for Arizona Homes

Are you prepared for the flooring renovation from the Best Flooring Company in Tempe, Arizona you’ve always wanted? Are you looking for the newest flooring trends to complete your project successfully? We’re here to assist you in locating the most popular flooring colors and styles.

5 Popular Flooring Colors, Styles

These are some of the most popular flooring colors and styles that you must try out in 2023 while remodeling your home:

Gray Flooring

Over the past ten years, the popularity of gray flooring, especially gray wood from an Arizona Flooring Company, has skyrocketed. Gray flooring has quickly overtaken all other trends as the most preferred color for flooring in kitchens, and homes in general. In order to create popular greige tones that go with any style, designers have now started blending gray with other neutral shades like beige.

Wire-Brushed and Hand-Scraped Textures

Your floor will appear to be more interesting with a wire-brushed textured look. Although still common, the trend is increasingly being replaced with hand-scraped and distressed textures. 

Distressed Textures

Distressed floor textures by adding deliberate scrapes, and even burns, are designed to give your floor the much-needed character, making it appear exquisite and classy. Setting up your home with a floor that appears to be historical immediately offers you the elegance you’ve been aiming for.

Whitewashed Flooring

For today’s popular farmhouse-style homes, the whitewashed appearance is ideal, especially in the kitchen. Wood floors that have been whitewashed frequently give out a classic and vintage look.

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Bleached Wooden Flooring

The popularity of bleached wood flooring, that is blonde in color, is rising as more households adopt a brighter flooring aesthetic. This is particularly well-liked in contemporary kitchens, where homeowners commonly prefer the most updated and stylish home aesthetic.

Flooring Trends 2023: 5 Ideas to Get Inspired From

These ideas and tips for the Best Floor in Arizona are ideal for enlivening your space and giving a facelift to your home’s most-used areas:

The Chevron Design

The chevron design trend, which originated in recent years and was given its name for resembling the bones of the herring fish, is still very popular today. According to trend predictions, this complex flooring pattern will continue into 2023 and beyond.

Textured Floors

Floor tiles with uneven finishes, tumbling edges, and matte surfaces are currently popular because they give the tile’s surface depth and definition and give it an aged appearance that is quite appealing.

Multi-Toned Floors

Two-tone or multi-toned floor tiles are on the design radar for 2023 and beyond for people who might not want to commit to a consistent, uniform shade for their entire floor. Two-toned floor tiles offer the space a vibrant yet elegant appeal by breaking up the monotony. 

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles, a long-used water-resistant indoor and outdoor flooring material are favored for their artistic speckled design and soft tactile pattern that is subtle and fashionable.

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Black and White Mosaic Tiles

Homeowners wishing to add an antique charm to their floors with timelessly elegant designs like hexagons, and herringbones are favoring the elegant and sophisticated black and white mosaic tiles.

We hope these popular trends for the Best Flooring Choices for Arizona Homes that we have provided prove to be helpful enough for your home remodeling and renovation projects. However, if you are looking for information regarding flooring in Arizona, follow Flooring Updates USA. Here you will find all the necessary updates related to flooring in Arizona including the list of top flooring companies in Avondale.

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