Anti Slip Flooring for Commercial and Residential Spaces in Arizona

Anti Slip Flooring for Commercial and Residential Spaces in Arizona

Slips and falls can occur anywhere, at any time, to anyone. These accidents are some of the most dangerous and costly causes of injuries for residences and commercial spaces and can lead to physical damage. In many cases, the floor surface is an essential factor in the incident: some floors may be uneven, wet, or dirty.

Knowing what type of flooring will prevent slips and falls and is nicely suited to the conditions of a specific workplace will help decrease injuries. Older adults, employees, and customers, keep safe by installing Anti Slip Floorings AZ in moist kitchens, bathrooms, and unpredictable, high-traffic commercial environments.

Utilize this guide to learn about slip-resistant floorings materials for residential and commercial spaces. Little details can go a long way during your next construction or renovation project.

Existing floorings can be slippery. Whether you are dealing with a current installation or you want to enhance the safety of your flooring, there are some ways you can make your floors non-slip. Those include:

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  • Utilizing a particular non-slip solution directly on your floors. These solutions perform exceptionally well in commercial high-traffic areas.
  • Utilize anti-slip adhesive treads. Useful in commercial and residential areas, Specific non-slip adhesive treads can be used in wet areas like showers and kitchens:
    • Cleanse your floor thoroughly, especially in the spots where you want to apply
    • Confirm that the floor dries up entirely
    • From the back of the strip, remove the film
    • Press the strip firmly on the flooring so that it sticks
    • If needed, you will have to cut the treads significantly, If the floors are small.
  • Add anti-slip mats in commercial and residential areas. Effortless to pick up and move, anti-slip mats cover the slippery floor with durable rubber-backed carpet or plain rubber.

What non-slip flooring can you select for your commercial or residential space? Here are some of our favorite non-slip flooring choices made for a variety of environments:

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Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks can look like natural wood, stone, and more, making them standard for residential and high-end commercial spaces. Best Vinyl Tile AZ is also trendy in healthcare spaces since it can be sealed at installation and sanitized regularly without showing signs of wear.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Countless design choices

Porcelain and Non-Slip Ceramic Tiles

Perfect for residential spaces, waiting rooms, hotels, and high-end areas, porcelain and non-slip ceramic tiles are elegant and long-lasting. Adding non-slip adhesive treads or using rugs and mats can make them safer.

Advantages of Porcelain and Non-Slip Ceramic Tiles: 

  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting
  • Water and stain-resistant 
  • Great for residences in a warm weather
  • Countless design choices
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Carpet Flooring

The most famous non-slip flooring is carpeting, a classic option for living rooms, bedrooms, and stairs. No matter the length of the carpet fibers, this is the best non-slip flooring choice on the market. If you worry about falls, carpeting is the securest choice because of the padding underneath.

Advantages of Carpet Flooring:

  • Low expense
  • Sound absorption
  • Temperature control
  • Countless design and texture choices
  • Comfy

Contact one of the trained professionals at Flooring Updates USA today to learn more about anti-slip tile flooring, vinyl plank, and carpet. Our experts are ready to help you pick the right flooring, whether renovating your kitchen or building a healthcare facility from the ground up.

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