What’s the Best Flooring for a Rental Property?

Best Home Flooring Choices in Arizona

Owning a rental property is quite common in Arizona these days, and it is the best use of your additional property while allowing a little extra income. However, understanding which one is the best flooring in Arizona for a rental property can be complex. You need to go with something that is classic, affordable, and attracts borders. Following is a compiled list of the best home flooring choices Arizona offers.

Carpet Flooring

Using carpet as flooring has been in play for generations. This is undoubtedly a cost-effective idea that goes well in a rental property. It lasts approximately 7 to 10 years and can be professionally cleaned before taking in new tenants.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Another lead flooring for sale in Arizona is the Vinyl Planks. This one makes a beautiful addition to any rental property due to its high 15-year warranty. It comes with an additional wear layer to safeguard it from scratches and stains. In addition to this, all you have to do is swipe and mop the floor regularly for maintenance.

Laminate Flooring

Another fantastic choice offered by the top flooring company in Arizona is laminate flooring for rental properties. These are different types of material fusing under high pressure. Laminate floors may sound very posh but are quite strong and durable. As for maintenance, it needs just a soft-bristles brush and some chemical-free soap, making it perfect for new tenants.

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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors need no new introduction, and their elegance and durability make them an excellent addition to your rental property and hype up its cost. These days, Arizona flooring companies offer two types of hardwood floors: solid wood and engineered wood. When coated with wire-brush or hand-scraped finishes, Options like teak and mahogany create a vintage feel like none other.

5 tips on what to consider before buying the flooring for your rental property

  1. Nowadays, a lot of tenants own pets, especially dogs and cats. Therefore it is wise to go for floors with high tenacity and durability against wear and tear.
  2. Consider your rent price before choosing the floor. The main reason is that high-end tenant willing to pay more will naturally expect top-notch flooring like hardwood or carpet from their landlords.
  3. Always note the climate of the place where your rental property is. If it is somewhere with high moisture, it is best to go for vinyl. As for cold regions, carpets and hardwoods can provide the need for coziness and comfort.
  4. Make sure to fix a reasonable budget for your rental property flooring. Options like tiles which come under discount flooring in Mesa can be pretty helpful.
  5. Maintenance is another factor to consider. New tenants may find it challenging to keep up with regular cleaning and polishing. Hence, go with an Arizona flooring company that offers easy floors to handle.
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Finding the right floor for your rental property is significant, and this capital investment sets your property apart from others in the neighborhood. Keeping this in mind, carpet, vinyl plank, laminate and hardwood have been marked as the best flooring choices for Arizona home blogs.

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