Why Choose the Best Flooring for Pets from Healthy Home Flooring?

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring for Pets: Healthy Home Flooring

Pet owners encounter two types of flooring issues: damage from pets with toes or claws and stains through liquid or solid “accidents” that happen to almost every pet at some point.

These difficulties together can rule out various flooring materials unless you’re willing to clean them frequently and thoroughly and replace them regularly.

Here are some materials to consider, as provided by the flooring companies in Mesa and our Arizona Flooring store in Tempe, if you have pets, starting with one of the most pet-resistant floorings.

Concrete that has been poured and sealed

Concrete flooring has a reputation for being harsh & industrial, but this is changing. Concrete could be an ideal flooring choice for many houses, particularly some with a modern aesthetic. 

Concrete can be polished, texturized, stained, and chemically treated in many ways to generate a range of visual characteristics that work well enough with contemporary and modern living room styles.

Concrete is known to be tough, and once treated, it’s nearly stain-proof. In a living room, throw rugs or area carpets help alleviate the roughness of the surface.

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Tiles made of ceramic

Ceramic tile flooring, both classic ceramic tile & porcelain tile, is a terrific choice for pet owners since it’s so tough that even the toughest dog’s paws and the sharpest cat’s claws won’t be able to scratch it. 

If you utilize glazed ceramics, the material will be impenetrable to stains or liquid penetration. 

At the same time, as suggested by the best flooring company in Avondale, the producer can print the glaze in several designs or motifs, providing you with a wide choice of decorative possibilities for your living area.

Natural Stone

Most types of natural stone, such as slate, share the same characteristics as ceramic tile. Many people prefer stone to ceramics because it is more natural and beautiful. 

Natural stone requires a chemical sealant to prevent water penetration or stains, but it may be an excellent, long-lasting flooring option for pet owners if proper care is taken.

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Vinyl of the highest quality

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a more durable version of adaptable vinyl that comes in planks and is installed using “click-lock” systems. 

It has a thicker and much more resilient wear layer than ordinary vinyl sheets or vinyl tile flooring and a scratch-resistant wear layer. It’s a great flooring option for pet-friendly households. 

Modern luxury vinyl flooring is available in various styles and can be challenging to differentiate from stone, wood laminate, or ceramic flooring. This low-cost flooring option also decreases the “click-click” sound made by canine toes on the floor.


Natural cork is another relatively recent type of concrete that can be an excellent option for pet owners. It’s a good option for homeowners who desire the appearance of hardwood in a scratch- and stain-resistant flooring material. It also prevents bacteria and mold from growing.

Cork is durable enough to attenuate sound while firm enough to resist scratching. However, it is not scratch-proof, and you must still keep your pet’s toenails trimmed.

The most pet-resistant floor is completely moisture or stain-resistant, as well as tough to damage through claws and toenails. However, such floor materials may not meet your design objectives. Anti-slip flooring is even better for preventing injury to your dogs. Above are the best Flooring for sale in Tempe that would fulfill all the categories.

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