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Buying Hardwood Floors Anytime Soon? Here Are Some Tips To Guide You Through

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Considering the variety of flooring options available in the Arizona flooring stores in Tempe, deciding on which hardwood flooring type to choose can be difficult. Your decision to lay a hardwood floor is unquestionably worthwhile and will provide long-term results. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg, and it is only the beginning of the numerous decisions you must still make. You still need to narrow your options to specific hardwood kinds because there are so many.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hardwood Floor

So wood floors are lovely; the name conjures up beauty, grandeur, and wealth images, but where do you begin? To assist you, we have compiled a list of points to consider when determining which hardwood flooring type is best for you.

The Wood Flooring Types

There are two types of hardwood flooring- solid wood and engineered wood. Because solid wood flooring expands and contracts with relative and external humidity, it is best used in locations with less moisture. 

On the other hand, Engineered wood has limited expansion and contraction under varying weather conditions, making it a preferable choice in places with relatively greater levels of humidity.

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Wood Specification

There is a wide variety of wood floors available in the best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona, nowadays; some are stronger and denser, while others are soft and robust. Wood species differ in their qualities, hues, and grain patterns. 

Some of the most well-known exotic woods are teak, African mahogany, and Kayu Kuku, while walnut and oak are most commonly accepted and employed. Wood floors can be refinished several times, but keep in mind that they are prone to harm if not cared for properly.

The Overall Appearance

Because wood flooring is available in such a wide range of varieties, designs, and finishes, it is simple to find a floor to complement any space design. 

If you have a vintage-style interior, wide plank floors with finely defined wood grains and a distressed appearance will work well. Wood floors in Oaks or Walnuts would be a good choice for traditional decor.

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The type of finishing method used

One of the most critical components in a wood floor’s overall appearance and significance is the finish. Distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brush finishes will also be appealing while shopping for a wood floor.

 A similar wood will look completely different with a precise gloss treatment vs. a distressed, hand-scraped, or wire-brush finish.

The Overall Cost

The wood flooring cost is determined by the type, wood species, and finish. Solid wood floors are installed by nailing, stapling, or gluing boards to a subfloor, whereas engineered wood floors are free-floated and have click locks that create the product’s edges.

Now that you know about hardwood floors, it’s safe to assume that you can make a better-informed decision. Also, are you looking for the best flooring company in mesa? If yes, then Flooring Updates USA is here to help you. They provide you with suggestions and tips regarding hardwood floors that you must know. For any queries related to hardwood flooring suggestions, reach out to Flooring Updates USA.

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