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How to Choose Between Dark Hardwood or Light Hardwood Floors?

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Going for hardwood floors for your home is a beautiful decision. They are not only long-lasting but also create an aesthetic aura like none other and have become the best flooring in Arizona. However, picking the right color for different areas like bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc., can make anyone sweat. With this struggle in mind, here are some of the ups and downs of dark and light hardwood floors.

Pros and Cons with Dark Hardwood Floors vs Light Hardwood Floors:

Light Hardwood Floors


·    Helps hide dirt, dust, pet fur, and scratches.

·    Can open up any room with natural palettes and make it look spacious.

·    Goes well with contemporary and modern home decor.


·    Unfit for places with pouring natural sunlight as it reflects UV light.

·    Not a good fit for kitchens with light-shaded cabinets.

Dark Hardwood Floors


·    Helps make up for installation mistakes like gaps.

·    Does not fade easily.

·    It goes well with traditional decor.

·    They can be paired with all-shaded cabinets.


·    Makes the room look smaller and the ceiling lower.

·    Highlights dust, dirt marks, and footprints.

Flooring Tips in Arizona

Major Factors to Note while Choosing Between Dark and Light Hardwood Floors:

Dust and Dirt

According to the best flooring tips in Arizona, the first point to consider while choosing is how often you plan to clean the floors? Things like dust, footprints, pet fur, dents, scratches, stains, etc., are inevitable and therefore should be considered.

Light Hardwood Floors: It is no secret that dust particles, apart from soot, are light in color. Light hardwood floors can help hide them well without needing regular cleaning. Moreover, it can also blend in light-shaded pet fur, minor scratches, and dents. What it cannot do is hide installation mistakes and gaps.

Dark Hardwood Floors: According to tips put forward by the best flooring company in Tempe, dark hardwood floors require thorough cleaning on a daily basis. They create a contrasting background for dust and pet fur, making them even more prominent. The same goes for scratches, nicks, and gouges when the natural light wood underneath becomes exposed.

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Room Size

The next significant factor to note before choosing between light and dark hardwood floors in Arizona is the room’s size and the ceiling’s height. This also includes the area where you are planning to use the flooring.

Light Hardwood Floors: Imagine a small or medium-sized room with a low-hanging ceiling. The obvious thing you will be seeking is a way to open it up unless you are a fan of dens. Light shades help extensively here as they create a spacious ambiance, especially in the kitchen and living rooms. Install the planks along the longest wall and pair them with light-shaded walls.

Dark Hardwood Floors: Looking for ways to give the sizeable cavernous room a cozy feel? Then the only thing every Arizona flooring company will suggest is to go for dark-shaded hardwood floors. It helps to get rid of the empty stadium vibe and add much-needed warmth. This, combined with dark walls, can turn any room, especially the bedroom, more compact.

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