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How to Prevent the Hardwood Floors from Fading

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You have choosen out the Excellent hardwood floors for your home and as time has over, you are noticing that they are not as vibrant as they were. It can be hard seeing the natural beauty of the floor fade but, don’t be worry about that. There are many ways as to how to keep wood floors from fading and none too difficult. As with most parts of a house, whether it is the ceiling or the front porch, it just takes routine maintenance.

Hardwood Floors are Normal

Hardwood floors at their very core are natural. This is an essentiall feature to emphasize. Anything that is natural will undergo changes as it ages extra time. Hardwood floors, the transformation occur in the color of the wood. A few species of woods will fade lighter and few will fade darker. This process is known as “patina.”

A few people have absolutely no problems with their hardwood floors fading over time. Occasionally the changes are so subtle only you would notice. And then different people prefer to have their floors stay their original color from the time they were first purchased. In this case of the latter – what can you do to prevent this natural fade from transpiring, if possible?

Some Easy Ways to Prevent Hardwood Floors from Fading Over Time.

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Reduce Exposure to Sunlight

The key here is to reduce your hardwood floor’s disclosure to sunlight. The finest way to accomplish this is by covering up your windows, as windows are the leading source of sunlight to your floors. Blinds, drapes, or shutters all work very beautifull. More costly choices include upgrading your windows to low emissivity glass or window film, but work very well at keeping UV rays and IR light at bay.

Outside of windows, you may also use furniture and rugs to your advantage. By constantly moving rugs and furniture around, you spread the sunlight across all areas of the wood, which will slow down the fading process hugely. Also, it can be very fun to move your interior around every so often – it is a nice change of pace.

Choose the Right Finish

Lastly, let us talk about finishes. Oil-based finishes delivers out very rich colors in your floors, but will yellow over time for a slightly amber appearance. Few people may be very pleased with this. However, if you are absolutely concerned about maintaining your hardwood floor’s original color, then we suggest applying a water-based finish, which essentially remains clear the entire time, minimizing any long term fading that may occur.

My Hardwood Floors are Already Faded?

If your hardwood floors have reached the stage where the faded color has made it’s presence known and you absolutely cannot stand the sight of it, then the only solution is to sand them down and re-finish them. However, unless you know what you are doing we strongly recommend a professional to handle this task.

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Daily Maintenance

It goes without saying that dust and grime buildup can be a Crucial hurdle to clean hardwood floors. Regular cleaning is advised. But it is not just that it looks unclean: “If there is a piece of debris on a wood floor, and you walk across, it is like sandpaper on the bottom of your shoe. It can ruin or scratch that surface.” Even pets hair has the potential to injury your hardwood floors, so it is the best to be proactive.

Protect Wood Floors from Fading

Protecting wood floors from fading is a required and not so difficult part of having this beautiful flooring. If you follow these some basic tips, you can protect the sun from peeling the color away for years to come but, recollect that it will happen eventually. Gradually and steadily if you follow these tips, but it will. There is nothing wrong with that, owning a house is maintenance and you know that. Keeping things as fresh and healthy as long as possible is the real battle, as well as being prepared with best professionals to fix an ailing part of your house.

Looking for how to protect hardwood floors from fading, you will find a lot of Information about floorings that requires buying this or that and hiring him or her. At the end of the day, all you demand to do is to protect it from the sun and from water. When the time shows to refinish, then look for a hardwood floor contractor. Till then, when wondering how to protect hardwood floors from fading just keep the sun to a minimum and you’ll be fine for years to come.

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